Carlos Harvin for Mayor President - Lafayette
One Parish. One People. One Purpose.

Campaign Issues

Community Economic Development

Evangeline Thruway, or I-49, is the front door to Lafayette. It is the Gateway to our city and our parish. More traffice passes at the I-10/I-49 interchange than anywhere else in our city; but the front door to our city is broken.

I live on the Northside of Lafayette. It’s where the Wal-Mart just closed, where Albertson’s closed, where Taco Bell just closed, where Kentucky Fried Chicken closed, where Advance Auto Parts just closed, where Pizza Hut closed and where the Convention and Visitors Bureau closed --- I live on the side of town where everything is closing! I’m running for Mayor-President to let everyone know that the Northside of Lafayette is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!

One of my goals as Mayor-President is to build a world-class, state-of-the-art hospital at the intersection of I-10 and I-49. This hospital will bring easy to access health care services to residents of North Lafayette, Upper Lafayette, Carencro, Scott and Breaux Bridge. This medical facility will create numerous jobs and stimulate our local economy. It will bring new restaurants, retail establishments and residential units to the area. This project can be funded, in part, by millions of dollars that may be available to us through the use of Opportunity Zones.

In addition to bringing jobs and businesses back to Lafayette, I’m running to improve our housing stock throughout the Parish. The City of Youngsville is the fastest growing city in the State of Louisiana. One of my goals as Mayor-President is to continue this trend all over Lafayete Parish. I will work with our Lafayette City and Parish Councils, and the mayors and city councils of our sorrounding municipalities. I wil seek to attract 5,000-10,000 new families to move into Lafayette Parish.

Attracting 5,000-10,000 new households to our parish will generate more revenue for Brousard, Carencro, Duson, Lafayette, Milton, Scott and Youngsville. This revenue will come from the two biggest sources of income for our City and Parish: property taxes and sales taxes.

We won't have to raise property taxes or increase sales taxes. We will simply increase the number of people who are paying into our system.



Too  Much TrafficFlooding continues to be a major problem in many parts of our parish. According to a June 2019 report in the Acadiana Advocate: "Lafayette Consolidated clearing coulees and drainage channels of debris, trash, vegetation and silt using a one-time $9 million transfer of money from the Lafayette Parish public health tax fund voters approved in 2017."

In spite of the millions being spent to clean our coulees and culverts, another important step in solving our drainage problem is for us to dredge the Vermilion River.

The last time the Vermilion was dredged was in 1957. For the last 62 years, mud, silt and debris have been building up in this river. This has left less room for water to flow, causing it to flood the homes and businesses on either side of it.

Federal, state and local monies are needed to continue tackling this problem and bring it under control. As Mayor-President, I will assemble the best experts who will help us identify strategies to fix this problem and funding sources to pay for it.



Children, Youth and Family Services

JaneProviding quality mentoring, recreational and educational enrichment programs are vital for the healthy growth and development of our children, youth and young adults.

As Mayor-President I will continue to guide the effort of our Department of Parks and Recreation to provide our children, youth and families with access to quality parks and outdoor recreational facilities and programs, including swimming and golfing,

I will strengthen our City and Parish partnership with the 15th Judicial District Court and its Families in Need of Services (F.I.N.S.) Initiative. Steps will also be taken to provide our youth being detained at the Lafayette Parish Juvenile Detention Home with the highest quality of services possible.

Programs for elderly members of our community, including exercise classes, computer classes and safe driver education, will continue to be offeredwith the highest level of quality, care and profesionalism.